Review Writing

Weather you sell a product or a service, review writing plays an essential role for increasing sales and it does that by projecting your product or service in the right way combined with the experience of previous customers and educates the reader about it. These days over 61% of customers usually purchase from the websites that shows previous user, in fact 50 – 60 reviews can cause around 4.8% increase in total sales.

In we work with such professional writers who are specialised in writing informative and target oriented reviews. Our eCommerce review writers has experience of dealing with wide range of different products belongs to different type of industries and different type target audience. Our professional writing team has a habit of writing attractive and informative content to turn site visitors into Buyers.


Various styles of reviews

Every product or service requires specific type of review depending upon its nature and benefits. There are different kinds of review patterns and the most common is Listed Reviews because it simply tells about the features of the product alone with its price and it looks very sale oriented but also little dull, that can be count as a drawback of this type of listing, that’s why we also do Brief Review writing to give a little brief about the product or service along with its details so that customer can connect with the product.

There is one more type of reviews which we call Detailed Reviews and these very comprehensive kind of contents of 800–900 words per review which includes feedbacks, ratings along with screenshots also instructions, price and all kind of info about the product which gives a truly transparent prospective about the product which builds the trust about the product and goodwill for the company.


Our review writers

Our writers are experienced in the field of eCommerce review writing, first the study your product deeply and then the write reviews in Cut to the chase way with correct use of the language and words which creates a great impact upon the readers and turns them into valuable customers.

We keep the writing right to the point, even if there is anything comprehensive about the product or service we elaborate it in an easy manner so that a wide range of visitors can connect with it. Writing valuable information in a formal way can also disinterest a visitor that’s why we write in a informal and genuine way so that it doesn’t look robotic or boring.

A title should be the summary of the content written under it and we understand it the importance of every moment spent by a visitor reading about your product. That’s why we write the correct kind of titles with best choice of words and style so that everything he or she reads deliver value to him or her.

Different selling platforms covers multiple sites like Amazon. eBay and all other potential platforms for sale. Our writing experts write effective and easy to connect reviews on these sites for your product so that it can also catch the eye of visitors on different sites and brings them towards your site website too.


SEO friendly reviews

Ensuring that each review we write should be rich of keywords which essential to become search engine’s top priority. Keywords are highly important to increase the chances of the search engines indexing a web page, enriching your reviews with keywords is one the best ways to makes your website stand out from the average crowd.

Also we so our writing in a proper format so that every line lead to another line in a perfect way because it has been researched and proved that a content regardless any type of information in it, if has been written in a proper formatted way then it delivers the information in way which increase the potential of the rates by almost 10-20%. A format helps the reader to go through the whole review till the last word which is a sign of interest and later on it transforms a visitor into a buyer.